Welcome to the Centre for Research in International Education (CRIE)

One aspect of the process of globalisation that has occurred over the past twenty years has been a growth in the internationalisation of education. Increasingly students are looking beyond their countries of origin when seeking to further their education. This phenomenon has important implications not just for the students themselves but also for the educational institutions and the countries where they study. The Centre for Research in International Education was established in 2003 at AIS with the aim of providing a forum for conducting research into some of the implications of the increasing internationalisation of education.

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AIS is now a Category 1 Provider

Auckland Institute of Studies has been ranked as a Category 1 provider by NZQA. NZQA Head Dr Karen Poutasi delivers the keynote address at the 2013 AIS ...

24 February 2015


CRIE's Purpose

The purpose of the Centre is to promote and conduct research into the social and economic consequences of the internationalisation of education and implications on development. In doing so it is hoped that the Centre will be able to help create a greater understanding and appreciation of International Education as well as dispel some of the misconceptions about it.